Access Profiler

Every healthcare organization has users inappropriately accessing patient data. Leading organizations are moving to minimize corporate risk by proactively monitoring accesses, detecting breaches, and protecting patient privacy.

EMRConnect's Access Profiler easily integrates data from multiple sources, runs algorithms against the data, and enables the privacy office to easily mine the relatively few problems from the mountain of appropriate accesses.

Our solution has also been used to assemble forensic data related to privacy breach notification and legal pursuit.

Access Profiler has Meaningful Use certificates and with the following Disclouse Attestation: Access Profiler Enterprise Edition Version 6.1 is licensed based on the number of users that the customer plans to monitor for HIPAA compliance. This price includes licensing, installation, maintenance, operational support, and costs associated with installation and support of the first source system. Additional service fees may apply if custom development is required for extraction from the source system. Each additional source requires an additional fee for licensing, installation, maintenance, and operational support. There is no minimum contract period. Our product or service can be terminated at any time without penalty.

Trigger Tools

Our data driven trigger tools provides for near-time detection of post-hoc and predictive patient safety issues.

Clients have leveraged our tools to improve patient care and reduce costs with algorithms applied to:

  • Vital Sign Stress
  • Sepsis Identification/Prediction
  • Critical Labs Values Reached (e.g., Troponin, INR, PTT, BUN, Glucose, CRT, and more)
  • Readmission in under 30 days
  • and more
Performance Management

Looking to incent providers for best practices, meet pay-for-performance, or reach meaningful use targets?

With an architecture that collects data from multiple applications, we are able to layer capabilities to monitor, report, and manage to organization goals. This capability is used to help providers reach merit-based performance goals, meet targets established with payers, and successful maximize meaningful use revenue.