Data Reporting

Cross-Application Data Repository and Reporting - EMRConnect has fielded numerous requests for client-specific solutions. These have included P4P monitoring and management, forensic data reporting to support legal efforts, and more. With the team's background and the EMRConnect architecture, we are able to quickly and affordably meet our client's needs.

IDE / EHR Management

Integrated Health Care Data Exchange and Electronic Health Record Management - EMRConnect has helped organizations manage their IDE and EHR solutions. We understand the challenges presented with healthcare data and apply experienced resources to addressing those challenges.

Patient Data Monitoring

Custom Patient Data Monitoring/Notification - With the constantly changing healthcare landscape, government and private payers are pushing providers to be more efficient and to improve patient care. Our clients have approached use to provide monitors to notify when significant patient care events occur. In these cases, EMRConnect becomes part of the client team working to meet goals to directly influence patient care and organization costs and revenue.

Custom Needs

... or any other required data-centric solution - With our integration architecture and reporting platform, we are able to rapidly provide customer products and services to meet client needs.